The core component of our program represents functional training at its best and is an ongoing staple of developing footballers around the world. An indoor subculture of soccer, in which the surface, ball and rules create an emphasis on improvisation, creativity and technique as well as ball control and passing in small spaces. Although the fundamentals are the same, the significant differences between Futsal and outdoor soccer make it the ideal setting for maximum learning with minimal coaching.

Above all, the condensed game provides opportunity for feedback & quality reps on a platform the players enjoy and can improve themselves in a meaningful way because every mistake becomes a teaching moment and every success builds confidence & a multitude of applications to use in the future. Players also find out what works and what doesn’t work from the players they play with and against.

Above all, players enjoy it and in addition to this, the intrinsic competition & intensity the game provides naturally creates a fantastic training tool for developing soccer players. Contact Chris Rue selectsocceracademy@gmail.com for current schedule, locations and rates.


FIFA’s Futsal rewards the same basic skills, tactics and knowledge of the game as the 11v11 outdoor game.

Ball Touches
In a statistical study comparing Futsal to indoor arena soccer with walls, players touch the ball 210% more often.

Ball Control
With limited space, an out of bounds and constant opponent pressure, improved ball control skills and technique are required.

Speed of Play
With limited space, constant opponent pressure and a 4 second restart rule players learn to play and think fast.

Mandatory Support
Without a wall as a crutch, players must make supporting runs when their teammates have the ball.

Continuity of Play
Action is continuous so players are forced to continue the play instead of stopping and watching.

With four court players and all the basic options of the outdoor game in non-stop action mode, players’ understanding of the game is enhanced.

Framing the Goal
The goal and Penalty Area are a perfect size for narrowing the angle so teams learn to frame the goal to score goals.

Encouraged Learning
FIFA’s Laws of the Game of Futsal, encourage playing a skilled game by punishing all physical contact fouls.

Players enjoy the challenge of playing a fast-paced -skill-oriented game that tests their abilities.

World Cup winner Pele: "Futsal was important in helping to develop my ball control, quick thinking, passing… also for dribbling, balance, concentration…Futsal was very, very important, no doubt."

World Player of the Year Lionel Messi: "In Argentina, when I was a young boy, I used to play a lot of Futsal on the street and with Newell's Old Boys. It was a really fun game that's helped me a great deal."

Real Madrid winger Cristiano Ronaldo: "In Portugal, all we played growing up was Futsal. The smaller court helped my footwork skills, the nature of the game made me feel so free when I played. If it wasn't for Futsal, I would definitely not be the player I am today."

Milan and Brazil forward Robinho: "I played Futsal for many years and it helped me to become the player I am today. There you don't have time to think, you are always tightly marked and you develop a sense for performing in small spaces."

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