SSA Shirt Program

Development Analysis

SSA is a firm believer in the players competing with and against equally skilled players despite age differences. It is extremely important for the players to be challenged to fulfill their potential. We have adapted the martial arts method of evaluations, but instead of belt color, players will receive different color shirts. Our training sessions have players with the same colored shirts training together, providing a greater platform for the players to develop. During the players’ initial training sessions, we assess the level of the individual’s ability and assign him or her, a shirt color based on what we see.

SSA has secured a sponsorship to keep the shirts as inexpensive as possible. We believe in quality apparel and have chosen Nike DryFit training tops. There is no specific timeframe for achieving individual shirt advancement. Players who display the attributes to deserve color advancement will be notified and issued a new shirt immediately.

Player is new to the game.

Player has mastered basic agility, balance, and coordination. Player is spatially aware during play. Player shows proper individual technique in passing, receiving and dribbling.

Player shows an understanding of positioning and movement during play. Player is consistently demonstrating proper technique in the run of play. Player understands basic defensive roles of pressure, cover and support.

Player is beginning to combine with other players using individual skill and movement recognition. Player is mastering positioning and possession during play both offensively and defensively. First touch, ability to take players on, and completions of give and go are beginning to set these players apart.

Player has the ability to show proper technique under high pressure situations. Player has mastered basic balance, coordination, and agility and has added speed, power, and endurance all with and without the ball. Player is making the right decisions during the run of play.

Player consistently demonstrates the ability to play at higher speeds with quicker speed of thought. Player shows creativity in runs, both with and without the ball to offset opposition. Player maintains possession consistently and changes direction and pace of attack through individual technique, both on and off the ball.

Player is noticeably playing at a higher level and is receiving offers to play at higher levels. Player understands the physical and psychological requirements of the game.

Professional status.