Frequently Asked Questions

1. Why SSA?
Fun, stimulating, educational, Affordable pricing, flexible commitment, knowledgeable & passionate staff.

2. Is SSA a travel club?
No, it is not a conventional "travel team". We are a center of excellence that provides developing players a place to train & play futsal/soccer in an environment that fosters self-improvement.

3. What is futsal?
First played in Uruguay in 1932, its played on a hard indoor court, no walls or barriers used. There are five players on each side, one of whom is a goalkeeper with unlimited substitutions allowed. A smaller ball than a regular-sized football is used and has 20% less bounce. A standard match consists of two periods of 20 minutes and is hugely popular in Brazil, Spain, Italy and Iran.

4. What are the benefits of playing futsal?
Players learn to cope in tight spaces, It improves spatial awareness and improves decision making. Develops a player's ability to both defend and attack. Gives players less time on the ball and they touch the ball up to five times more in small-sided games than in 11-a-side soccer match. Goalkeepers are involved in the action two to four times more than in 11-a-side soccer and the ball is out of play 8-10% of the time in a small-sided game, compared to 34% in 11-a-side.

5. Do you need any special equipment/shoes?
Flat, indoor court shoes work best, but general athletic sneakers will also suffice for beginners. With no slide tackling and no studs nor cleats in play, shin guards are optional but not mandatory for futsal.

6. Is there adult supervision?
Yes, minimum two adult staff members at all SSA events or training sessions from drop-off to pick-up.

7. What if my child gets hurt?
SSA staff are certified in First Aid and have safety kits & ice at all sessions. SSA is also insured.

8. How much does it cost?
Pricing varies based on the program and commitment. Day rates range from $10-30 and Monthly rates are available starting at $50.

9. Where and when do you play?
Jupiter Christian School in Jupiter, Florida and the current 2014 Schedule can be found on the NEWS & EVENTS page.

10. Do you have to be an experienced soccer player to participate?
No, SSA accommodates all levels, from beginners to intermediate to advanced and groups the sessions accordingly.